Making Candles at Home? Tips for Keeping the Wick Centred


When you buy a professionally-made container candle, the wick is usually perfectly centred, making the candle as a whole look neat and presentable. Making your own candles at home, however, you might find that you can never get the wick to sit right in the centre no matter how hard you try. Even if you think you've got it, the wick can drift a little to one side before the wax has set.

26 March 2018

Why Jigsaw Puzzles are the Ideal Activity for Nursing Home Residents


For senior citizens, life can sometimes get boring. After retirement, people who have worked all their lives might find themselves a bit lost, and with time spent with family and friends often reduced, it can be lonely, too. If you're someone who runs or works in a nursing home, these problems will be only too familiar. Aside from healthcare, keeping residents happy and mentally stimulated is one of the most important parts of senior care.

26 February 2018