Making Candles at Home? Tips for Keeping the Wick Centred


When you buy a professionally-made container candle, the wick is usually perfectly centred, making the candle as a whole look neat and presentable. Making your own candles at home, however, you might find that you can never get the wick to sit right in the centre no matter how hard you try. Even if you think you've got it, the wick can drift a little to one side before the wax has set.

It's frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. There are a few simple ways to get your wicks to stay right in the middle where they're supposed to be.

First, find the centre

It's easier to centre the wick properly when you can clearly see where it is, especially if you need to stick it in place quickly. Depending on how accurate you want to be, you can either measure to find the exact centre or give it your best guess.

If your container is glass, you can mark the centre on the underside using a non-permanent glass pen. You'll be able to see your mark through, and you can wipe it off when the candle is finished.

For non-transparent containers, mark on the inside using a permanent marker. Don't worry about it being visible – the wick's base will cover it up so it won't be seen even if you have clear wax.

Stick the wick in place

Some wicks come with a self-adhesive base, so check to see if yours do. If so, use this to stick the wick firmly over your centre mark.

If your wicks don't have stickers, the best way to fix them in place is to use wax. While you're melting the wax to make the candle, simply dip the base into the pan. Working quickly before it begins to set, stick the wick down in your container. Wait five minutes before filling the container with wax, to give the wick time to set firmly.

Prevent drifting

As you pour the wax in, the wick can easily drift so it's no longer centred at the top. To stop this happening, simply tie the end around a pencil or another similar object. Gently pull it so it's taut, and lay the pencil across the top of your container.

Pour the wax in carefully to avoid the pencil, and wait for it to set completely. When it's solid, unwrap the end of the wick from the pencil and trim off the excess to get your desired length. For more tips, contact companies that provide candle making supplies.


26 March 2018

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