The Ultimate Guide to Wooden Toys: Types You Can Buy Wholesale


Wooden toys have a certain charm that other materials cannot replicate. From traditional building blocks to intricate puzzles, wooden toys have always been a classic choice for children of all ages. If you're looking to stock up on quality wooden toys that will not only delight children but also last for years to come, buying wholesale is a smart move. Explore different types of wooden toys you can buy wholesale to keep your store shelves full and customers happy.

Building Blocks

Building blocks made of wood are classic toys that every child should experience. The advantage of wooden blocks is that they are sturdier than plastic blocks and can withstand many years of play. Wooden blocks come in different sizes, shapes and colours, making them great for young and older children. Some wholesale options also offer uniquely shaped blocks that can challenge children’s imagination, dexterity and creativity.


Puzzles are an excellent educational toy that helps children develop analytical skills and hand-eye coordination. Wooden puzzles come in various shapes, sizes and designs that will grab a child’s attention while also entertaining them. The wholesale options for wooden puzzles are nearly endless, from simple one-piece jigsaws to more complex and intricate designs that come with multiple parts.

Push/Pull Toys

Push/pull toys made of wood are ideal for babies and toddlers. They are simple toys that provide hours of entertainment and physical development. When choosing wholesale push/pull toys, consider options that are colourful, sturdy and easy to handle. Some also come with features such as pull strings or other interactive elements that will keep little ones engaged.

Trains and Vehicles

Trains and vehicles built from wood are timeless toys that children love. They offer imaginative play options and varying sizes that can entertain a child as they grow. Adding a few wooden trains or vehicles to your store's inventory can be your top-selling products. You can find wholesale options that carry various train sets, cars and trucks of different sizes and shapes, with intricate details that will keep children fascinated.

Musical Instruments

Musical toys are great for children to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. Wooden instruments like xylophones, tambourines and various other percussion instruments are perfect for introducing young children to music. When choosing wholesale options for musical instruments, consider options that are durable, safe and non-toxic, as safety should always be a top priority.

There you have it — a comprehensive guide to five types of wooden toys you can buy wholesale. Wooden toys are timeless classics that delight children and parents alike, and buying wholesale is a wonderful way to keep your shelves full and customers happy. Ultimately, when choosing the types of wooden toys to purchase, consider your audience, the specific toys’ reliability and durability and a healthy mix of various toy types and sizes. Whether you're buying for a toy store or simply for children in your life, wooden toys never go out of style. 

For more info about wholesale wooden toys, contact a local company. 


5 December 2023

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